Our business was founded in 2010. We have been consistently building our brand, constantly branching out our offer into new products. In 2011 we established our first online shop, collecting experience and extending our business.

In our shop, we offer not only a simple and clear purchasing process but also a full security of all transactions.

The satisfaction of our clients is our top priority; therefore, we make every effort to immediately fulfill the orders and provide products of the highest possible quality. Owing to the commitment of our specialists who are always willing to share their knowledge, shopping with us becomes pure pleasure.
Our mission is to propagate a healthy style of nutrition and life in accordance with nature. We broaden the awareness of protecting and using what is natural, good and healthy. We promote our products because they are pro-ecological, they are 100% safe for our environment, they are toxin-free, paraben-free, paraffinum liquidum-free, they do not include substances of petrochemical industry,synthetics or plant excracts modified genetically. They have Ecocert Organic Cosmetic Certificate and they are not tested on animals.
We want to encourage people to buy eco-friendly and high-quality products to keep their health and body in a perfect condition and save environment at the same time.

We are distributors of organic and certified cosmetics. From passion for nature, healthy lifestyle and people with their individual, special needs, we created our Company. We love what we do ... and that is helping people discover the fun of making their own natural beauty care products for either personal or professional use. Nowadays we know that our skin is a wonderful channel directly into our bodies. We must take care and watch what type of products we stick on our skin. Very much the same way we must watch the type of food we consume. Our liver has to process not only the food we ingest, but the products we apply topically as well!
That is why we believe that protecting the natural environment and looking after our body are not just a fad but a lifestyle choice and necessity.
It is very important for us that our customers make their decisions about shopping consciously with the best knowledge about all the ingredients and their ratios in a particular product.
We want to be clear and 100% honest with our customers by giving them a chance to make their favourite cosmetic by themselves.
They have the opportunity to see exactly what they really have in their creams, shower gels and other every-day-cosmetics.
Also each customer can create a unique, unrepeatable product to suit the most individual needs.
If the customer decides to ask us for the advice or the recipe for a specific product which actually needs - here we are.
We are happy to help everyone with the best advice and the best eco-cosmetic in the United Kingdom.

                                                                                                     Eco-Cosmetics4u Team