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Algae face masks

Sea Algae

They are the greatest source of easily assimilated by a human body vitamins, minerals and microelements.

Sea algae:

  • stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis
  • improve skin look, have antioxidant properties and seal the walls of blood vessels
  • minerals (zinc, iodine, magnesium, copper, manganium, calcium and iron) regulate skin functions
  • moisten the skin
  • slow down the process of skin ageing
  • regulate the function of sebaceous glands
  • exert positive effects on skin lipidic barrier

In cosmetics, sea algae are used in both their natural clean form, but also as an additive to other ecological ingredients such as clays or plant extracts. Therefore, using sea algae, one can create a unique cosmetics with desired properties.

One should remember though, that there are various algae strains and they differ from each other by the content of active substances, hence, their kinds should be chosen carefully with regard to the effects we want to achieve. Descriptions of a given type of alga available in our shop will help you in making your decision.
Products are available in standard packages. In case of larger orders, please contact us.
100% organic peel-off algae mask with acerola and vitamin C
Peel-off algae mask with acerola and vitamin C is a professional algae mask which, when blended with water, gives dense, ready to use mass. Acerola is rich in vitamin C, it inhibits and reduces the effects of skin ageing.
Cocoa 100% organic peel-off algae face mask - OUT OF STOCK TILL AUGUST 2016
Cocoa Algae Face Mask revitalizes and nourishes the skin, it also neutralizes free radicals. It has active ingrendients like cocoa bean extract, alginat and theobromine which improves skin elasticity, firmness and tautness. It stimulates the production of happiness hormones!
Firming 100% organic peel-off algae face mask
Firming peel-off algae mask is recommended mainly for mature skin. It supports moistening of upper skin layers, nourishing the skin and providing it with valuable ingredients. This mask contains spirulin which is rich in natural provitamin A and proteins indispensable for the regeneration of epidermis.
Moisturizing 100% organic peel-off algae mask
Moistening peel-off algae mask is a professional product which becomes ready to use just after adding water. The product in our offer may be used for every type of skin!
Revitalizing 100% organic peel-off algae face mask
Revitalizing peel-off algae mask refreshes the skin. The mask successfully nourishes and regenerates tired skin at the same time brining relief.