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Clays created by nature:

  • regulate the secretion of sebum
  • moisten
  • make the skin firm and narrow pores
  • reduce telangiectasias as well as cellulitis
  • accelerate wounds scarring

Then it is not a surprise that clays are used for all types of the skin. Everyone can choose a clay in such a way that it will reflect the skin’s specific character. Well-chosen clay can reduce telangiectasias and even remove skin imperfections.

Clays have been used for centuries, frequently in the same way as now. They are often used in health resorts, beauty salons, beauty farms and Spas.

You can create your own home Spa! We offer a great variety of clays which help to restore a natural beauty of your skin and their detailed descriptions will help in making your choice of the proper one.

Our clays originate from France and they are 100% natural  which means that there is no risk of irritations and allergies. They are suitable for the creation of face masks and compresses on a whole body!

Blue Clay -HURRY UP - LAST 100g IN STOCK!!!
Blue clay helps to get rid of many problems. It destroys bacteria and germs, displays the body of all impurities and toxins. Also, it updates the cells and gives to our skin youth and beauty. Perfect choice for every skin type!
French Green Clay
French Green Clay has absorptive and anti-bacterial properties; it shrinks skin pores and accelerates the healing of inflammatory conditions. It nourishes the skin by providing a wide array of elements, it influences the course of basic life processes of skin cells and it improves microcirculation.
French Red Clay
Red clay is rich with silicon, iron, potassium and manganese. It can be successfully used for fat, mixed and vein complexion by virtue of sealing up blood vessels as well as the creation of new ones. It cleans the skin out of toxins. After use of our red clay your skin will be fresh and bright.
French White Clay (Kaoiln Clay)
White French Clay has the gentlest drawing action of all the clays, so it is recommended for sensitive skin types. It soothes and softens the skin. White Clay has a high mineral content and is excellent to use for cleansing, detoxifying, drawing, exfoliating and toning the skin.
French Yellow Clay- NEW!!!
Yellow Kaolin Clay is mild clay making it suitable for sensitive skin. It helps stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it. It can be used in soap and body powders. This clay is suitable for dry, sensitive or normal skin types.