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Face creams (READY-MADE SETS)

Anti-ageing cream 30+ with green tea extract, marshmallow extract and hyaluronic acid
An anti-ageing cream recommended for people 30+ ensuring skin smoothness and glow as well as protecting it against the effects of premature ageing. The ingredients provide the skin with full protection, youthful look, firmness and glow.
Anti-ageing cream 40+ with vitasource, shallaki - ECOCERT, hayluronic acid, argan oil
Cream is recommended for the care of mature skin above the age of 40. An innovative extract from Baikal skullcap can make the skin look 10 years younger and Shallaki extract (ECOCERT) additionally protects it against all irritations, prevents the creation of red marks and alleviates inflammatory conditions. Hyaluronic acid, by binding water in the epidermis, prevents the creation of wrinkles and gives the skin elasticity.
Anti-ageing cream with lactobionic acid, low hyaluronic acid complex, sambucus nigra flower - ECOCERT for thread-vein skin (for age +35 up to +50)
Anti-ageing cream with lactobionic acid is a mild cosmetic which is especially recommended for thread-vein, mature, wrinkle-prone and very sensitive skin. It has alleviating, anti-inflammatory, moistening and exfoliating properties. It protects delicate vessels against irritations and inhibits ageing processes. Sambucus nigra flower extract has ECOCERT certificate.
Anti-ageing cream, conezyme q10, hyaluronic acid, green tea, argan, squalane, baobab
A cream recommended for every type of skin, it protects it against the effects of aging and fights against the first symptoms. The use of a complex with coenzyme Q10 slows down the ageing of fibroblasts, maintains a proper level of epidermis’ humidity by means of inhibiting the degradation of hyaluronic acid and protects against the effects of UVA radiation responsible for the breakdown of collagen.
Anti-ageing protein cream for every type of skin: collagen, elastin, sage, vitasource and raspberry
Protein anti-ageing cream with nourishing and moistening properties is recommended for every type of skin. An innovative Baikal skullcap extract may make your skin look 10 years younger. Clary sage extract has intensive moistening properties and collagen with elastin supports moistening and nourishes skin by removing the symptoms of ageing. raspberry seed oil improves skin softness and smoothness.
Cream for acne complexion with trikenol, aloe extract and green tea extract
It is an innovative solution for acne skin-care. Trikenol reduces the production of sebum, blackheads, makes sebaceous ducts clear, reduces bacterial flora responsible for the creation of acne, irritations and provides the skin with smoothness and softness as well as proper moistening. Aloe and green tea alleviate irritations and protect the skin against premature ageing.
Gentle moistening and regenerative cream (base without glycerine - ECOCERT), hydromanil, oat, Abyssinian seed oil
Gentle cream is recommended for oily, sebaceous, sensitive and gentle types of skin. It has gentle moistening properties and does not block pores or leaves an impression of oily skin. The cream provides skin with valuable proteins and vitamins while maintaining proper level of moistening. The base without glycerine has ECOCERT certificate.
Nourishing and moistening cream for every type of skin:pomegranate, liquorice, hyaluronic acid, raspberry, carrot
Nourishing and moistening cream is for all skin types. An innovative pomegranate extract has regenerative, moistening and anti-bacterial properties. It makes skin smooth and resistant to external factors. Carrot macerate has anti-inflammatory properties, strengthens skin defence against infections, protects against the effects of the sun and accelerates the healing of injuries.
Regenerative and protective cream (base without glycerine - ECOCERT) for oily, acne-prone, sensitive and gentle skin
Gentle cream is recommended for oily, sebaceous, sensitive and gentle types of skin. It provides valuable proteins, vitamins and microelements. It stimulates production of sebum, accelerates healing of injuries, alleviates irritations and red marks. It soothes, stimulates and revitalizes the skin. The base without glycerine has ECOCERET certificate.