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Handmade Soaps - 100% natural, organic

“Activated Charcoal” Soap Bar - Black Soap - OUT OF STOCK TILL NOVEMBER 2017
This soap is a pore cleanser for people with spot and blackhead problems. Impurities and toxins on the skin are absorbed by the charcoal without drying out your skin like regular spot treatments. Black Soap is a really good chemical free makeup remover. It takes off makeup. Perfect choice for oily and difficult skin.
Dead Sea Minerals Soap - 100% natural, ORGANIC
This wonderful little soap bar is packed with 26 essential minerals that can be all absorbed trough the skin. The soap base is made from shea butter, mango butter and cocoa butter making it mild enough to safely use on your face and body, leaving your skin feeling moistirised, with no dryness and tightness. A refreshing lemony fragrance comes from the blend of lemongrass, lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils! Using this rich and creamy lathering soap is like giving yourself mini SPA treatment every time you wash!
Lemongrass Soap - 100% natural, ORGANIC
Lemongrass soaps with lemongrass essential oil which has a refreshing fragrance and is a natural deodorant, anti-inflammatory and insect repellant. You could even use this on your dog! Only naturally occurring fragrances, No preservatives. 100% natural product!
Metro Man Soap
For this soap we have sourced a fragrance very similar to a classic men’s cologne. It is based on our original rich lathering and kind to the skin “Naked Soap” recipe. Aimed at men, but can be used by anyone.
Naked Soap - HYPOALLERGENIC, 100% natural, ORGANIC
A pure and simple soap bar made from 100% natural ingredients, most of which are organic or food grade. It contains absolutely no fragrances, no colouring agents and no added moisturisers. It does however contain a huge dollop of naturally occurring Glycerine, which you normally only find in the most expensive luxury soaps. This soap bar is good for any skin type, but it is ideal for anyone who has allergies to fragrances, colourants or chemicals found in commercially made soap products.
Raspberry Ripple Soap Bar - 100% natural, ORGANIC
This soap looks and smells like raspberry ripple ice cream! Based on our original rich lathering “Naked Soap” recipe, and fragranced with our own blend of raspberry and vanilla parfums, this soap smells good enough to eat... It may be an amazing gift for somebody! Highly recommended for dry and tired skin.
Rough As You Like - Pumice Heel Scrub - 100% natural, ORGANIC
Based on our tried, tested and loved Naked soap recipe, this one is packed with ground volcanic pumice powder. Use it on hard skin and calluses to gently smooth them away. No fragrance, no artificial colour, No preservatives. 100% natural product!
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