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Luxury shower gels

Luxury shower gels
Luxury shower gels are the emulsions of water or mixed oils and organic bases with added essential oil for fragrance used as a skin cleansing agent in the shower or bath.They are milder at cleansing and less irritating to the skin than the ordinary soaps, they lather better in hard water areas and do not leave a mineral residue on the skin or in the bathtub after usage.
All our shower gels are pH-balanced. Some of our shower gels are plant-infused (e.g aloe vera).
If you decide to add your favourite essential oil into it, they will have aslo aromatherapeutic benefits.
Our luxury shower gels cleanse all skin types, through the use of natural ingredients and essential oils, they will leave your skin feeling refreshed, and smelling delicious!
Our cleansing products are also free from mineral oil (synthetic oil from processed petroleum) and parabens (category of preservatives), that is why our all-natural shower gels are the kindest way you can cleanse your skin!
What is more, they work gently for even the most sensitive skin types. You will feel clean, smooth, hydrated, and delicious!
Add a little luxury to your day with our luxury body wash oil or super-soft cleansing foam with aloe extract!

Body wash oil with Caprilic - ECOCERT; intensive moistening
It is produced from a ready-made washing base, it foams perfectly and cleans skin. This product contains oil ingredients, which make skin moistened, smooth and nourished. Using oil every day increases the level of skin moistening and maintains it for up to 24 hours since the application. Caprilic oil has ECOCERT certificate!
Moistening cream body wash foam with Caprilic - ECOCERT for every type of skin
Moistening and cream body wash foam for every type of skin including skin requiring intensive and long-lasting moistening. Immediately increases the level of skin moistening and maintains it for up to 24 hours since the application! Oil aloe extract accelerates the healing of injuries, stimulates cells to faster regeneration and removes irritations. It also has anti-ageing properties.